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Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.

If you need to be seen on the same day you will almost always be booked in with a Nurse Practitioner.  Our highly skilled Nurse Practitioners are able to safely deal with most acute illnesses and are able to prescribe medication.

If required, they can also refer onto a GP on the same day.

The role of the doctor is to diagnose and manage more complex conditions, including appropriate prescribing and referral where needed.

Messages to the Doctor

If you need a message to get passed to the doctor, you can do this via our receptionists. If the message is long or complex, it is best that you put this in writing and pass it to the receptionist.

Phoning your doctor

If you need to speak to the doctor rather than be seen, please telephone the surgery and the receptionist will advice you on the telephone consultation schedule for your usual doctor.

GP Appointments

Please remember that a GP appointment is only 10 minutes long – be patient if we are running late. If you have several problems to discuss it may not be possible to deal with them all in 10 minutes and you may be asked to come back another day. Alternatively you can request a longer appointment at the time of  the booking.

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